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31 July 2013

Archery GB Junior July Nationals RESULTS

The results have now been published by Archery GB.
This year 2 of our clubs juniors shot the required National round & had their scores entered.

They were:
Shooting in Section No 17 - Boys Under 12 - Recurve
Owen Jones. Owen came 26th in his group of 45 entrants.

Shooting in Section No 22 - Boys Under 10 - Recurve;
Stephen O'Connor. Stephen came close to the top in 4th place in his group of 23 entrants.


Well done to you both.


Full results PDF is attached below.


This is a national competition for juniors, run by Archery GB (sorry adults).

During the month of July, shoot the National round for your age group and submit your score sheet to Liz who will send all the scores to Archery GB. Later in the year, an official set of results will be published.

National round is 4 dozen arrows  at the longer distance, 2 dozen arrows at the shorter distance, scoring 9,7,5,3,1,M with 6 sighters before you start scoring. Normal scoring rules apply.

Boys under 18 60 yards & 50 yards
Boys under 16 and Girls under 18 50 yards & 40 yards
Boys under 14 and Girls under 16 40 yards & 30 yards
Boys under 12 and Girls under 14 30 yards & 20 yards
Boys under 10 and Girls under 12 20 yards & 10 yards
Girls under 10 15 yards & 10 yards.


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