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24 September 2017

BA Frostbite League - updated with dates

We will be having a trial run / qualifying round for the BA Frostbite league on Sunday 24/9/2017 at Carr Lane.

The round is 3 dozen arrows at 30m on an 80cm face scoring 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

We are looking to put in a number of teams for this postal league to be shot over the winter

***** UPDATE *****

Thank you to everyone who took part. The teams are confirmed as below:

Compound A:

Andy Jones

Mark Fenwick

Freda Dunkley

Recurve A:

Stuart Burns

Owen Jones

Karen Bryan

Recurve B:

Dale Hart

Brandon Hart

Chris Hearn

Recurve C:

Heather Sparks

Ray Barwick

Nigel Clephane

***** UPDATE *****

November - Sunday 5th

December - Sunday 3rd

January - Sunday 14th

February - Sunday 11th

March - Sunday 11th

Frostbite league will be shot at Carr Lane starting at 10am on the appropriate day. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

If anyone else wants to join us and shoot the frostbite round along with the challenges/fun that winter shooting can bring, you’ll be very welcome.

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