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28 July 2013

Club Target Day St George Albion Windsors Official Results

Sunday 28th July was an official club target day.
We shoot the St George, Albion, Windsor family of rounds, 
3 dozen arrows at the longest distance
3 dozen arrows a the middle distance
3 dozen arrows at the shortest distance

St George 100yds + 80yds + 60yds
Albion 80yds + 60yds + 50yds
Windsor 60yds + 50yds + 40yds
Short Windsor 50yds + 40yds + 30yds
Junior Windsor 40yds + 30yds + 20yds
Short Junior Windsor 30yds + 20yds + 10yds

Unfortunately the weather kept a many people at home, but a few brave souls put up with the wind.

Owen Jones beat the club record for a U12 boy recurve shooting a short Windsor and earned his first class classification at the same time.


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