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16 September 2018

Summer Series Round #4 Long Metric rounds

This is the fourth leg of the 2018 summer series.
We will be shooting the "long metric" family of rounds.
3 dozen at the longer distance
3 dozen at the shorter distance
Shot on a big (122cm) face with 10 zone scoring including Xs

Long Metric (gents) 90m, 70m
Long Metric (ladies) and Long metric I 70m, 60m
Long Metric 2, 60m, 50m
Long Metric 3, 50m, 40m
Long Metric 4, 40m, 30m
Long Metric 5, 30m, 20m

The shoot will be handicapped.
There will be a medal for the best handicap adjusted score of the day.
The competitor with the highest accumulated handicap adjusted scores over the 4 shoots during the summer will be awarded the Harold Frayne Olympic torch trophy in September

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