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18 May 2019

big weekend

The Big Weekend at Grimsby Archers has been advertised from 20/04/2019.

Below is a link to the pdf poster. If you have a colour laserjet printer and wish to print your own copies, please do so. If not, we have ready printed copies to give away.
I have hit all secondary schools, Morrisons and Pennels
Where else have we got posters?

On the day (18/05/2019) 
we will set out six bosses as per the have-a-go code of practice (bosses close to the ground, no more than 10 yards from the shooting line)
Bosses 12 feet between centers (approx)
The shooting line will be parallel to the car park barrier, with a safety rope (4m) behind the shooting line to keep back spectators, with sufficient space between the safety rope and the  car park barrier for people to congregate. 
A gap in the safety rope to the northern end of the shooting line will be the access control point.
The gazibo needs to go up there to give us some respite from the sun or rain.
The safety zone to the sides and rear of the shooting range needs roping off.

We have a grimsby archers banner to go up on the front gate at Carr Lane 

We will have 2 participants and 2 helpers per boss, hence the spacing.
On each boss, we'll have 2 x 6 arrows, 2 x arm guards and 2 bows.
Each helper will adorn their participant with an arm guard and be sure to get it back at the end of their session!
Participants will shoot 6 arrows per end.
When arrows have been shot, ONE helper from each boss will collect the arrows. The other helper on each boss will remain on the shooting line to manage the participants on their boss. I suggest the two participants swap job regularly.

Volunteers list:
Mark Slater
Andy Harrison
Kerry Monument
Alex Merrall (am only)
Bryony Merrall (am only)
Charlie Black
Chris Black
Gil Johnson
Anne  Hudson
Graham Crampin
Karen Bryan (am only)
Dale Hart
Helen Hart
Brandon Hart
Stuart Burns
Gary Griffin
Freda Dunkley
Ray Barwick
Chris Petchey
Liz Petchey
Nigel Clephane

If I've missed anyone, give me a shout and accept my apologies. If anyone else wants to join the list, give me a shout

I'm hoping as many people as possible will be able to put a bow in someone's hand and guide them to fling a few arrows at a target.
We also need a couple of people to greet participants, ask whether they are left or right handed and direct them to a shooting station.
I'd also like to have at least one of each type of bow we regularly use  on display (olympic recurve, barebow, compound, longbow) with someone who can talk passionately about their type of bow.
I've prepared a list of frequently asked questions that people might ask.


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