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04 February 2018

Competition reminder

Competition info:

Next Sunday (11/02) is the February round of the Frostbite League. As ever, we will meet around 9:15 to set up, and start shooting at 10:00. Remember that it will be soggy underfoot, and we will have to set up the field as we did last month - from the bowls end. The forecast this week is for lots of snow and rain, so make sure you wear appropriate clothes and footwear! I think I have all our opponents’ scores in now, so will post them this evening. All archers are welcome, and all Frostbite team must attend.

The following Sunday (18/02) is the last Trackside competition of this year’s winter series. It is a Portsmouth round and I will let you all know if any spaces are available when the target list is circulating.

The last Sunday of the month (25/02) will be the next in our own winter series, and will be a WA18m round. This is a 5 dozen round, shot at a 40cm face at a distance of 18m (which is just short of the 20yds we usually shoot). It’s very similar to the Bray round we started with. Senior Compounds will shoot triple spot. Junior Compounds, all Recurve, and all Barebow can choose single face or triple spot. If any Longbow wish to shoot they will be on a single face. Please let me know between now and the 24th what face you would like to shoot.

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