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    The January Challenge 2013 - RESULTS Updated

                    I have received an updated copy of the official results for
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    Mark F is 7th top clout archer

    Mark F is now officially number 7 on the national Clout archery rankings.Clout archery is shot over a distance of 180 yards for gentlemen at a target
  • 13/01/2013

    If you shoot at it

    Please remember, if you shoot at it (the target that is) its your moral duty to help either put it up, or put it away.I was most disappointed yesterda
  • 13/01/2013

    Is it ok to shoot in my garden

    I am often asked "is it safe to shoot in my garden?"This crops up with regularity on the archery interchange internet forum.The answer is "is it safe?
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    TrackSide Indoor series. January 2013 Results

    Trackside Archery Club winter series, month 4. This month's competition was the Vegas, shot at 18 metres on a 40 cm triangular 3 spot face. It is one

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