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19 April 2012

Progress Awards

Club 200 badges see club badge page

Classifications - Indoor
Indoor classifications are rated A to F where A is the highest and F is the lowest.
Shoot 3 Archery GB indoor rounds at a club target day* or open competition and submit your scores to who will calculate your classification and handicap. See attachment below for qualifying scores
*Club target day is any organised round that has been advertised in advance.
Classifications - Outdoor
Outdoor classifications  are Archer, 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Bowman, Master Bowman (MB) and Grandmaster Bowman (GMB).
For classifications below MB shoot 3 Archery GB or WA outdoor rounds at a club target day* or open competition and submit your scores to Graham who will calculate your classification and handicap.
Full rules and lists of scores etc are available in the SAP document in the "documents" section of the Archery GB website.
We occasionally hold handicap shoots where each archer adds a calculated allowance to his/her score so that his/her final score reflects his/her performance compared to his/her average ability. If you shoot above your average, you're more likely to win the competition. If you shoot below your average, you wont!
Your initial handicap is determined by calculating the average handicap of three complete scoring rounds. This handicap rating is determined by using the official GNAS lookup tables for the round shot.

This handicap is continuously reassessed as the archer submits new higher scores from valid rounds. The new handicap is derived by the average between the existing handicap rating and the newly submitted handicap rating.

If you shoot more than one type of bow (eg Compound and Longbow) you get a separate classification for each type.

Your records officer will calculate your official classification and handicap from the scores you submit to them.

 There are a number of progress awards available for the keen archer. See the website for details.

At Grimsby Archers, we have our own "200" badge scheme. Score 200 points with 3 dozen arrows and earn a badge.

See the attachment for information about Archery GB awards


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